A Moment of Thanksgiving

It was early on this Thanksgiving Day, in that time of transition from dawn to morning: the sky a spectacular azure as the sun cast its rays over the still, leafless oaks of autumn.

I was listening to Kanye and sipping coffee as I rested in a buttery-soft chair in my media room.

My daughter arrived to let me know she’d be getting the bread started in the oven. She paused for a moment and then sat next to me. When our dog saw we were snuggling, he decided he wanted to be a part of it too, and the three of us spent a few minutes together in the warmth of the moment.

It struck me that it isn’t possible to have an experience better than such a moment. A moment of love, life, health, safety, family, warmth, music, light.

I’m grateful to have so much more than any one person deserves.

We often dream of glorious futures but miss out on the glorious present. What if this is the best we have? This moment. This reality. This Now.

On this Thanksgiving I’m grateful for the moments between the hustle.

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